Does Instagram notify about Screenshot of a Story in 2023?

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It's hard to stay private on social media these days. Instagram and other platforms track almost all our activity. Information about likes, views and comments are public by default. Is it the same when we take a screenshot of someone else's story? Can the author find out about this? Due to the inability to save them directly from the Instagram application, more and more often we decide to take a picture of the screen.

Screenshot notification

Users of other social media platforms such as Snapchat, where the message about taking a screenshot appears directly in the conversation, may wonder if Instagram does the same for stories.

Fortunately, Instagram doesn't do that. In the latest version of the application, we can certainly take a screen both on the mobile app and on the web browser. The author will not encounter any information about such activity.

What about story highlights?

Instagram will also not notify the user when we take a screenshot of a highlighted story (the one that user has pinned to his profile between bio and post section).

In addition, views of the highlighted story are not saved in the view history. Our username is hidden, and the author has access only to the number of views, so we can save specific story fully anonymous.

A better way to save stories

The quality and size of the screenshots taken leaves much to be desired. A better way is to use online tools created especially for this purpose - insta story viewers, which are as fast and easy as taking a screenshot.

All we have to do is enter a username and all current stories from the last day will appear after a few seconds in full HD quality and ready to be downloaded. We do not need to create an account or even open the Instagram app, thanks to which we are incognito. The same method can be used to save highlighted stories, posts, reels and profile pictures.

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To sum up

It's not worth taking screenshots of stories these days. Instead, use social media browsers to view and download any public content shared on Instagram in the best possible quality and without the user's knowledge.

No matter which method you choose: online tools or screenshots, remember that any photo or video shared on the Internet may be copyrighted and you should ask the author for permission before using it.