Fully Anonymous
Picuki Viewer

Explore publicly available content on Instagram without an account.


#1 Picuki Instagram Browser


View stories, photos and videos in full resolution via Picuki tool.


Explore Instagram profiles, hashtags or locations without anyone knowing.


You do not need to install the application, create an account or log in.


Easily download and edit Instagram media on any device with just one click.

Fast & easy


1. Enter the username

Discover an Instagram account by entering the designated search bar at the top of the screen. Be sure to include unique symbols such as .-_.


2. See

An extensive collection of the latest 24-hour visuals will appear on your screen. With just one click of the preview, you can unleash its full quality, presenting unparalleled resolution.


3. Download

To download media to your device, all you have to do is tap your smartphone screen with your finger or precise right-click.


What is Picuki?

Picuki is a free online tool to view publicly available Instagram content without the knowledge of the author - Stories, Highlights, Posts, Reels and HD Profile Pictures. There is no requirement to install the application, no account creation or login ensures complete anonymity.

How to watch Insta stories secretly (via Picuki)?

Just enter the Instagram username and wait for the content to appear. View history remains unregistered and untraceable.

How to save Insta stories, posts and reels?

Tap on a specific story to reveal it in a new tab, allowing for easy storage across devices. Grab your smartphone screen with your fingertip or perform a right-click action in the computer's web browser area.

How to view private profiles?

Picuki does not provide such a possibility. Private profiles are hidden for a reason.