Fully Anonymous
Insta Photo Downloader

The best way to watch and save your favorite Instagram photos.


#1 Instagram media browser


See any IG photo in full resolution - both photos and videos.


Stalk Instagram accounts online without installing the application.


No need to register and log in means that you are 100% anonymous.


All Insta photos can be easily downloaded to any device.

Fast & easy


1. Enter the username

Search for an Instagram profile by typing in the search box at the top of the screen. Make sure to include any special characters such as .-_.


2. See

Full size photo will appear on the screen. Click on the preview to view it in full resolution. Don't worry, you are anonymous.


3. Download

Click the right mouse button or hold your finger on the smartphone screen to download the photo to your device.


What is Insta photo downloader?

Insta photo downloader is a free online tool to view and download Instagram photos without the knowledge of the author. No need to log in, register or even install the application makes us completely incognito. Watch everything online and save to any device as needed - both photos and videos.

How to download Insta photo secretly?

Just enter the Instagram username and wait for the photo to appear. View or download history is not saved anywhere.

How to save Insta photo?

Tap on a specific photo to open it in a new tab from where it can be saved on any device. Hold your finger on a smartphone or right-click on a computer browser.

Can I view private profile photo?

Unfortunately, this is not possible without the user's consent to follow and you will not find any tools on the web that are able to do this.

Is using the tool legal and safe?

Yes, the tool operates as a search engine for publicly accessible information, similar to Google. It doesn't gather or host any content but simply provides links to external websites. If you plan to use it for non-personal purposes, please ensure that the content is not protected by copyright.