How to Save Instagram Highlights in 2024?

Silver iphone 5s showing Instagram

Instagram Highlights offer an excellent way to save and showcase your most cherished moments on your profile, ensuring they remain accessible to your followers. These Highlights serve as a visual narrative, providing a curated collection of your best stories. If you're unsure about how to save them on your phone, follow this straightforward guide.

When it comes to highlighted photos, one option is to capture a screenshot, keeping in mind that the application doesn't notify the author. However, the quality of the screenshot may not be satisfactory. Additionally, saving the video format is not possible using this method. Therefore, it's advisable to explore alternative approaches:

  1. Use a website like Instagram Highlights Downloader and enter the username.
  2. Once found the profile, click on the collection that interests you.
  3. Wait for the stories to load.
  4. Click the save button next to the specific story, and choose save as.

This solution is a bit longer, but we are able to save any Instagram highlights on any device while maintaining their original high quality. Just remember to enter the exact Instagram username along with all dots and underscores to correctly locate the profile.